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Doug Cadwallader on What New Orleans Has to Offer

Longtime Gulf Coast resident Doug Cadwallader recalls childhood trips to New Orleans, sampling beignets and visiting the French Quarter. Here, he points out some of the city’s most distinctive attractions. 

New Orleans visitors have no shortage of options when it comes to entertainment. Visitors can check out the Aquarium of the Americas, one of the country’s top aquariums and a great option for the whole family. The French Quarter is the city’s oldest neighborhood, and its charm is unmatchable. The area boasts historic hotels, world-class shopping, and famed Bourbon Street, which comes to life at night with live music and parties. 

No visit to New Orleans would be complete without sampling the local cuisine. Gumbo, a spicy stew featuring meat and vegetables served over rice, combines elements of West European, African, Caribbean, and native Indian influences. Andouille sausage is spicy and heavily smoked, often featured in gumbo or jambalaya. For a quick lunch, try a po’boy, a sky-high sandwich loaded with roast beef, turkey, or sausage, and usually covered with gravy. There’s plenty to satisfy a sweet tooth, as well. Beignets, or French donuts, are deep-fried and covered with powdered sugar. Brought to Louisiana by descendants of French settlers, they are a perfect example of the city’s rich and diverse heritage.